You just found the private memo that leaked the first reports of a marketing system that enabled website owners to reach larger numbers of people than had ever been accomplished in the first 11 years of an internet and a World Wide Web...

The Internet Success Machine
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Very, Very, Very Rich In The Next 30-90 Days"

This Website Marketing System Will Sell
Any Product, Service Or Business Opportunity And Pay You Up To Five
Additional Income Streams...


Good grief, Paul, I couldn't believe what happened! One hour after I began setting up my advertising and well before I had finished, I was getting sign-ups!

Your program is ingenious in how it is constructed and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me.

James Portell

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Hi Everyone My name is Sharon and i am from South Africa.

We are all skeptical of offers on the internet these days. But let me tell you, with this company you will not lose.

I made a sale and have already received my check, and it has a long way to travel.

Thank you, I look forward to a long relationship with The Internet Success Machine.

Sharon van der Merwe

Testimonial Program:

Your first question should be what do you get if you have one of our Internet Website Marketing Systems...

Quite simply the ISM's are replicating marketing systems that are housed in a software shell of stunning graphics, powerful videos and gorgeous website templates and contain some of the most compelling copy ever written, along with a marketing system that uses the most powerful marketing techniques to introduce human buying triggers, seen anywhere on the World Wide Web today.








Dear Mr. Darby, As the editor/publisher of the highly successful ezine, BizOpZine, I am always looking for top quality recommendations for my subscribers.

The Internet Success Machine is exactly that! I am recommending this to all of my subscribers as the best way to market their favorite opportunity! You've built a winner here!

Portia Neff Editor/Publisher BizOpZine


How do I thank you for such an awesome system?

I had no faith in any programs that promised success.

I signed up for The Internet Success Machine yesterday, followed all the instructions, went on with my daily advertising and left it.

Today I when I turned on my computer to start my day..

I received emails telling me that I had people signing up for my Primary business !!

Thank you so much Paul, this system actually has given me a brand new outlook on the direction my online success will be taking from here on in!

I can't wait to pass this on to as many people as I possible can! Thank you once again!

C. Weir Alberta Canada


So if this page that you are reading right now, just like hundreds of other people are doing ... if this was your page with your product, service or favorite business opportunity featured, you would be very likely to be just a few seconds away from getting an email with "You Have Just Gotten Another Order" in the subject line...

Notice: We are allowing a few fortunate people to grab this system and have us waive the $2736.82 price tag.

This notice will be removed without notice when we have the number of testimonials wanted. If you do not want to miss out on the special offer, click here now.


WOW! My first ad pulled in 13 requests for info and two sign ups on a site saturated with others promoting the same thing!!

The second ad started today and it pulled in 15 requests for info on the 1st Day!

And several have taken the tour of my main program, no sign ups yet but GREAT exposure.

I have never seen such response to an initial advertising.

Bill Wirth

The Internet Success Machine or ISM is a complete replicating and marketing system that enables internet marketers to enter the domain
of any website of their choice and instantly watch as their business opportunity, product or service of choice is replicated within the marketing system shell of the ISM.

This offer is literally unheard of....Count your blessings because right now hundreds of people are on this page and they want to succeed very, very badly and will jump on this offer like a drowning man grabbing for a life preserver.


Why will you make money with the ISM system?

Please remember that in addition to your primary product sales, you will immediately be enrolled into the automatic IMS affiliate marketing system which means...Each $97 order from your new website will pay you 50%, nearly $50.00 per automatic sale.

How long will it be until you earn 100% of your money back from this system?

How long will it take you to get two affiliate orders from your visitors who are shown this system?

How do you get your hosting paid for? Simply receive one affiliate order a month and you will double your money.

We need very few more of these testimonials in order to sell our website marketing system for the suggested retail pricing of $2736.82.

There are hundreds of people on this website at this moment,to insure that you get in on the beta-testimonial offer before it is gone forever please

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HOLY COW!! Wow!!! ISM works.

I click on my ISM site, then I click through to see my affiliate site. This is really unbelievable. I have already started advertising my ISM site.

I also showed this to a few friends and they are singing-up or have already signed-up.

I am out of here again, to go Advertise my ISM site some more. AWESOME-PAUL!!

James Derr

Right now while this offer shows you can get one of these systems for yourself and we will waive the cost of the system for your testimonial...


Urgent Notice To Website Visitors


We are currently offering a severely slashed special sale pricing option for those wanting their own ISM system.

This special sale pricing will be available for a very short period of time for a few fortunate people who happen to come here during this testimonial offer.

We are waiving the $2736.82 price of the ISM system during this time in order to gain a few more users who agree to supply us with an honest testimony of the amount of money they start making, starting day #1 of using this system.

Below you can read what our thrilled ISM system owners are saying.

We believe you will be amazed at how quickly this system can totally change the financial life of an internet marketer literally overnight.



Here Is What Can Happen For You Too..

The Internet Success Machine has to be the easiest and most effective tool I have seen in my 20 years online.

Lee Asher http://ElectronicSuperStores.net









What an inspirational piece of software the Internet Success Machine is. I activated my software in a hurry on the 24th July because I was going to be away for a long weekend.

I emailed my usual list resources the same day and I have just returned today the 29th July to find my email account full of enquiries which the system is now following up for me.

Paul you are indeed a friend in need.

Thank you.
John Meeson bigjo@btconnect.com 


This Success Machine is Amazing it works for you 24/7 Paul Darby has done it again, Thank you Paul Darby

Sylvia Victor





Paul, I advertised ISM on Thursday and received 10 prospect sign-ups and 3 members.

I was away from my computer for the weekend, then sent ads again on Monday and have received 9 more prospects and 3 more sign-ups.

I also received 3 prospects for my primary program. Thanks Paul, I'd say it is working fine.

Bill Buske


Hi Paul, this is a very cool system, love how it loads up whatever I want to promote.

Wayne Evans


This is the very best site I have seen and I have been on the internet for over five years, searching for the right combination to promote my business and make good money.

I see a lot of promise in this site: the graphics, the way it is organized, the user-friendly format, the right tools for just about every need, etc.

I look forward to using this site and sharing it with others.

Mary Jane Lang


Paul, Awesome!

I just sent my ad out for the 1st time and already got 1 signup within a few minutes. Imagine tomorrow. This Rocks..

Thanks for the website.



The Internet Success Machine ISM is paving the way for BIG Successes by and for the little marketers.

Success is built right into ISM's fabulous system. It is so designed for easy entry and a superb follows on support.

Our thanks go to Unimax, its CEO, Paul Darby and staff for another Outstandingly conceived Internet Marketing opportunity.

With it we are building our prospect list while developing many marketing skills at Internet Training University.

A winning combination! Who could ask for any thing more? It is the way to the Money and a fun filled, happy life.

Come on in you all and join the family!

Ed Pickett

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Hello Paul,

When I started the machine, a vehicle went fast forward and a new passengers were soon begin to jump one after another in order to reach the final destination - ultimate success.

The ISM is a perfect engine and hope that it will soon become a turbo train that will lead us to the exit of our independence and financial freedom.

Paul, thank You for a free ride that has expanded our horizons and showed us the right direction.

Best Regards, Zdravko Brovet theinternetsuccessmachine.com/ekoenterprises


I believe that this system is the finest one on the internet.

After learning how to access things and seeing my URL come to life, after I entered it, makes me excited about the future and how many other businesses we will be able to do the same things to.

You have hit a home run here and just think we are still in beta testing. My congratulations on a job well done and to all of those that have given so much to make this a true success.

Tom Wacholtz


I signed up to get my free system on July 27, 2008 and I was surprised when I checked my email and found I had 4 people who checked out the site. This is really exciting! Finally, I have a chance to build a customer list and make money too.

Thank you!

Rosa Williams


Paul Darby, I want you to know that I have been waiting around for at least two years for a business like yours to come out of the wood work.

I am very happy to be a part of it. My search is over.

Your Tools produce results Fast.

Douglas N


Paul I have followed you over the years and by far this is an awesome program.

I want to Thank You for the opportunity to be apart of this amazing system and look forward to using this to create new chapter in my internet experience

Blessing be with you and your wonderful staff.

P.S. Your Staff they ROCK


Hey Paul! Thank you for ISM! Hoping this will enable me to spend more time with my orphans in Russia.

Leaving next week on my latest visit to see them.

God Bless you and yours,



I like that our email notifications for sign-ups include our downline's link.

Seeing what they are promoting will make it
helpful in knowing what to offer to them in our list.


Hello, Who wouldn't want a system so powerful and easy to use. You can even change your featured URL.

I am in love with this machine.


Joseph Chevis


Dear Paul, Wow! This is dynamite!

I've had a few problems - computer crashed 1 day after I got the system - even had a few power cuts - a common problem in Sout Africa today.

So, it has been a slow start for me. But I'm up and running now. I know that this is one program I will never regret starting. I am such a newbie on the internet, but your program is helping me tremendously.

Thank you so much!


This is for you Paul!!!!

I want to personally thank you again for all you have done, along with Mary Ann and the staff, you have made something special with this.

It has taken me a little longer to figure it out but I did get to see how it replicated my URL and that is truly amazing.

This system will be outstanding as more come here and see for themselves how awesome it is.

Please be assured that my support is behind you and that each day that passes I feel blessed to have been introduced to you, my Christian brother.

May the light of the Lord continue to shine on you, Unimax, and all the others that will becoming here.

This is God's business and he is opening doors for you.

In HIS service to all,

Tom W.


This is the first program where support actually supports. These people are GREAT.

I'm used to sending my questions to a support desk and never hearing anything back.

These guys have taken away the lost and lonely feeling so many of us experience.


Oh and by the way I have more signups today.

I can hardly believe it!



Thanks Paul. I'm in UK and you have no idea what this means to me having recently been made redundant at the age of 62.

Your a star!

Mike Hallett


Thanks to your team for the speedy and helpful responses to my queries tonight. The video is great too - it was fun to watch it being put up while I set up my system.



The ISM Will Pay You Additional Funding...

The ISM System automatically markets & enrolls ALL site visitors with your ISM affilliate link.

You make $$$ every automatic signup.

Many ISM owners will make more money from the ISM affilliate program than with their primary business.

The offer of gettin the software in exchange for a testimonial and getting 50% off on the set up and PHP programming on your replicated site will end at any moment.

This may be your only opportunity to be one of the next internet wealthy.If you do not have $2,736.82 and wish to have this system in exchange for your testimonial, click here before the offer has ended.

Getting your own ISM is incredibly easy and the system is completely set up for you in seconds with no learning or skills necessary...

  • Your product or service is "featured" within the marketing system

  • Every visitor to your ISM website is forced to surrender their contact information in order to continue, and they do...

  • Every prospect is greeted with a video designed to create a feeling of desire and need for the product, coming.

  • The visitor is then repeatedly re-directed to the ISM website as the first in the series of professionally written auto-responder messages are sent to their email address.

  • The ISM owner can log in for real time stats and review each new visitor and customer and market to them using the mass email blaster - everything is set up, working and ready to begin the back end marketing process...

And so that the World knows it is your website they are drooling all over ...

The owners picture and contact information are featured within the graphics on the top of the entry page of the website marketing system.

This means that anyone wishing to market online now has the ability to sell any chosen product, service or business opportunity whether an affiliate or owner, while being featured within the stunning marketing shell of the ISM.

Instantly each new owner of the ISM enjoys appealing graphics, compelling professional copy, and visually powerful videos all designed to capture the interest and create a desire in the visitor to purchase the products, services or opportunities offered.

The website copy and videos are continously updated to offer the internet community an ever changing, new and interesting website to visit while constantly increasing ranking on major search engines due to updated relevant content and an ever increasing visitor count.

Your opportunity to own one of these systems usually only available to the very wealthy is nearly gone! Order now to insure that you get one.

Paul, Thank you so much! You said this would be easy - it is!

You said people would be interested - they are!

I even changed my sponsored program from a US based program to an International one - simple and quick! All I can say is, Way To Go!

You've got another winner!



The system uses "Plug and Play" technology and most users can complete their system set up and understand all functions and be fully operational and go "Live" in just minutes, if any further help is desired Unimax Services maintains a support desk and provides free support service Monday thru Friday Business hours CST USA time.

This is how we compel or "create a trance like state" in our visitors on an ISM website...

Each visitor upon arriving at an ISM website is met with a stunning website that captures their attention and triggers a subtle desire cycle for the product offered, and then literally forces them to subscribe to the owners subscriber list in order to continue to progress through the website.

This process happens as the website is disabled by use of "Grey Screen" scripting while the links on the web page are locked with the only way for the visitor to continue experiencing the website is to enter their subscriber information.

Next after the powerful images in the video induce a trance like state of dissatisfaction and desire for change, each visitor is directed to click on the "Enter the Machine" button where they are suddenly met with the ISM websites featured opportunity.


Powerful buying response triggers have now been implanted in your visitors thought process and even after the initial visit each new email that arrives in a carefully planned series will further enforce the desire to own the product or service until it is nearly impossible to not return to the website and make a purchase.

The secret to creating websites that sell...

Think back and you will remember the powerful images you were shown in the video - And thinking back you should remember that you probably felt as though you needed to take some kind of action - or that you needed buy something to solve your feelings of dissatisfaction...

This was because our system is set up to trigger emotional responses by each visitor and to then show them your website offerings at the exact right moment in time that the visitor is most susceptible to being presented with an offer to purchase!

The visitor has surrendered their information, has dropped much of their reluctance to participate by following the demand that they take action, they have watched the video and they have further begun to follow directions by clicking on a button when directed to do so.

Hi Paul,

I am newbie to internet marketing. I was involved in several online program having absolutely no success.

I have gotten 10 leads and 4 signups in my program that I am promoting in only three days. Yes, this system rocks!!!

Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

R. Collier

At this point the visitor is readily available, willing and even desires to be introduced to the product or service that will help them get what they want.

Without this process a person filled with doubts, with a lack of self confidence, with a the fear of being tricked into buying something that is not a benefit to them will not ever make a purchase because:

...they are not open and willing to examine with an open mind the possibility that the product that will be shown to them might be what they want and desire in order to create the experience they are looking for.

But with the ISM system, your site is delivered at the precise moment when the visitor is the most available, receptive and open for an offer, and is at the point where they are most willing to respond to purchase and own, have and try something new...There is no better time to offer a visitor a product than this moment.

This email capture system with the stronger sales process added to a buying rich, desire triggering - follow up system creates a larger list, more sales a larger customer base and an ever increasing income...

The owner of the ISM system has an ever increasing interested prospect list to market to and has access to a real time geneology report and mass email blast marketing to everyone that has entered their subscriber information on the ISM web page.

The psychological triggers - urgency, powerful images, scarcity, the clearly defined problem with the product or service shown powerfully suggested as being the solution...

All move the visitor into a state of interest, desire and then the easiest transition in the entire process the, conviction for the visitor in wanting to have the benefits of the product offered..

The components of this system all work with relentless precision to create a website that creates a desire in the typical casual information gatherer to purchase the item they are looking at...

This means that most people suddenly feel like they just got handed the keys to a brand new Lamborgini because with this email capture and marketing system you can finally achieve full speed velocity with your internet marketing.

Wow! Paul!

My email inbox just Lit Up! I couldn`t believe what was happening. I did what you said and took out a couple ads and within a weekend I had 20 new subscribers for my list and a signup for the system!

Unbelievable! I just love seeing the emails with "Congratulations" filling my screen! Thanks, your new system really works and the signups started flooding in within minutes of taking out the ad! Great Job, Paul!

Thomas Kopriva


You are right now involved in this process...

Ask yourself... do you want the system that will introduce your product, service or business opportunity to others - just like it is doing with you right now?

Side Note:

The experience of having your product, service or business opportunity go ballistic on the net is something that everyone should get a taste of
because it is truly an experience that makes life big and beautiful!

Having the amount of money that a successful home based internet business gives you will not solve all your problems, but it has been our experience that you can throw enough money at most problems and they will simply go away.

Which is nice because then you have the freedom to enjoy the life you do want.

Please continue...


Additionally the system markets to all subscribers with professionally written powerful, compelling emails inviting the visitors to return while automatically inserting each owners unique code into the email to insure that every visitor who subscribed is directed back to the sales page of the owner of the ISM.

Anyone who has not enjoyed the conversion rates from raw prospect to repeat customer due to a unique, powerful, compelling and search engine optimized webstore will certainly enjoy the experience of owning and operating this powerful marketing system.

Cost and fees of the Internet Success Machine Website Marketing System...

Replicated Marketing System With Merchant Back Office videos, copy, templates, auto-responder system with email blaster $2736.82
New Account Set up Fee - each new ISM owner has an SQL data base for customer follow up, image folders and PHP software programing that operates their back office also replicates their picture and contact info $197.00
Yearly License - covers the administration of each owners multiple site changes designed to enhance the search engine rankings and visitor / customer appeal $137.00

Total... $3,070.82



Currently Our Testimonial Program is Open...

If you would like to have all the above fees waived we invite you to enter our limited testimonial program.

The requirements of the Beta Testing program are as follows:



Testimonial entry priced members are required to submit a minimum of one testimonial of their experience with the Internet Success Machine Marketing System.

Each Testimonial entry priced member agrees to abide by all Can Spam regulations at all times.  


Each Testimonial entry priced member agrees to not enter websites containing unlawful, hateful, illegal or morally questionable material.  


As Unimax Services will provide hosting on their high speed virtual servers, each ISM website marketing system requested will result in a hosting fee of $19.74 per month.  



For agreement of the terms and conditions of the testimonial program for the Internet Success Machine Marketing Website System - all fees for associated with purchasing the system will be waived.  


If at any time a member of the Testimonial entry priced member program wishes to cease operations of their system they may leave the program and owe no fees. All subscriber information they have captured in their system will be delivered to them via excel spreadsheet upon leaving the program.  


Members in the Testimonial entry priced program may request as many instances of the system as they choose with the same fee structure repeated per marketing system created.  

The next group of internet wealthy is happening right now, this instant, with this system. Your only question is not do you need and want this system but, will you get it now or wait until it costs $3,000.00.

The first few fortunate people who respond quickly will be the ones that get the system for nearly nothing...

Plus we host it on our high speed servers so you have a 99.9% site "UP" time - very important as you can't sell when some server is down somewhere and your site right along with it...









Hi Paul,

Someone was kind enough to send an e-mail to me about this fabulous system. I have been struggling online for 2 years to find a good way to promote affiliate programs.

So far this is the best I've seen to date.

I am now set-up and have posted 2 ads and in the process of posting many more.

I will use this program to market all my products.

It is so Easy! Thanks again for your ingenuity and expertise!

Sel Patterson selpat@marketinfosecrets.com http://www.theinternetsuccessmachine.com/cbearner


I advertised ISM on Thursday and received 10 prospect sign-ups and 3 members.

I was away from my computer for the weekend, then sent ads again on Monday and have received 9 more prospects and 3 more sign-ups.

I also received 3 prospects for my primary program.

Thanks Paul, I'd say it is working fine.

Bill Buske


bouncing arrows

Grab your Personal Website Marketing System - Pass on paying any of the $2,736.82 software program cost, pay the tiny one time only 60% of your set up fee and then one full month from today you will be billed only $19.70 per month to cover your 100% of your hosting, updatges, SEO, Email Sales Campaigns and all admin costs...

This is the very lowest I could go for you and keep this system so that it is and continues to be the hottest selling machine on the net today...

Knowing that if you pass now, you may come back 5 minutes later and see the full retail price for the ISM marketing system.

Your opportunity to own one of these systems usually only available to the very wealthy is nearly gone!

Order now this visit, to insure that you get one.

Your replicated system will be hosted on Unimax's private high speed servers that can handle the video, and other technology that these replicating marketing systems use. The monthly hosting fee is $19.70.

So today your price of the program is not $3070.82 but is $134. When this special is over, full price purchasers will also pay hosting as we have purchased a special server for these replicating systems.

If you don't have $3,000.00 to spend like the gurus have, but you wish you could somehow be able to make money like they do...













HI Paul...

Thank you so much for this opportunity to express my thanks!I

signed up last night and a few hours after submitting my campaign to my favorite Pay To Click Website.I had 5 Prospects sign up on ISM and 3 leads for my main business.

Not to mention, The campaign was only Half Done!

Thanks again...I have seen software similar for $500 plus!

But not offering half the benefits that you are offering!

Once again,Thank You Paul...












Wow – what a reaction I’m getting…

Thank you Paul for creating this Fantastic Site.

I only signed up for it a few days ago – sent out A few ads and Voila – have had loads of reaction, Loads of leads not just for your system but also For my Own Program and had a few sign up already Just by using this Amazing system – worth far more Than you are charging at the moment…

It truly is a Great way to generate new people for My Business..

What More can I say?!!

Diana Yeadon

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Your replicated system will be hosted on Unimax's private high speed servers that can handle the video, and other technology that these replicating marketing systems use. The monthly hosting fee is $19.74 and will begin 30 days after you order your system...

We include your first month hosting in your set up fee below...

Most affiliates can reasonably expect that the automatic affiliate payment generators built into the system will enroll 2+ new members a month thus generating more profit for the owner than the hosting fees...

This is a reasonable expectation and is not a guarantee of future earnings.

Your Price Is:
$3070.82, $2736.82, $900.00

Sign Up Now!


After reading the other testimonials, you just know don't you? That this is what you have been hoping for, the system that will make you one of the internet success stories...

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Dear friends,

If you want more sales, more money, more customers, a larger personal list and the lifestyle that making tens of thousands of dollars with an internet business would bring you then pay the hugely discounted beta testimonial sale slashed offer and register for the ISM website marketing system during this visit to our website.

The Beta / Testimonial program is extremely limited and we did not design, set up nor pay to create this expensive website marketing system to give it away.

This notice and the beta/testimonial program can be removed at any moment and will be when we have as many testimonials as we are seeking.

And right now hundreds of people are on this page and they want to succeed very, very badly and will jump on this offer like a drowning man grabbing for a life preserver.

Please do not return later and offer any reasons why you were going to register but did not. If you do not want to purchase the system for $3,000.00 in order to have use of it, then join while this notice and beta-testimonial program is available.

We know that $3,000.00 is a lot of money and would be too high of an expense for many of our website visitors, however we are not in business nor can we remain in business by spending great amounts of money creating products and then giving them away.

I... we hope.. that you will grab this opportunity and work to succeed in reaching the lifesytle of your dreams created by the income from a home based internet business.

If you want to succeed just like we are, just like others all over the World are, then wisely take action because only with great action is great victory realized!

My highest regards to you,

Paul Darby
President Unimax Services

P.S. Once inside the ISM system you will see how we have implemented a way for our beta testers to get their high speed hosting fees dropped so that even their hosting for the system is free for them. We simply turn "on" a link on your website...

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If you skimmed this webpage you have done yourself a big disservice because this is one of the rare opportunities that you will get to either greatly benefit from or to skim past, blow off and miss out on.

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